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Tracking data for individual fish are temporary offline. We hope to bring it back online shortly.

If you wish to get involved and contribute to the study of striped bass in the United States, you can do so through the Adopt-a-Fish program.

Adopting a fish means paying for the purchase of a tag, so that the research team can increase the number of fish in the study.

Updated information about the movement of your adopted fish will be posted online. Please note that this is a wild animal – your adopted fish may get eaten by a predator, caught by an angler or die from disease. Sometimes fish simply decide to leave the area where their tags can be heard, so there is no way of guaranteeing that your fish will be recorded a specific number of times or at certain intervals. It is important to remember that even fish that somehow leave system provide important information about the population structure of striped bass.

Adopting a fish is a great way of enhancing science projects in school, promoting an organization or business, or to give as a gift to someone that's interested in striped bass and the future of this living resource.

Adopting a fish costs $315 och the tag can provide information for two years after activation.

Yes, I/we want to adopt a striped bass

To adopt a striped bass, please follow these instructions.



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